WELCOME to Sunshine Alternative

Education & Prevention Center

Leaders in the field of Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention for 25 years

Working together to Build Drug-free & Violence-free Communities on Long Island

The Sunshine Mission
  • Offering Hope & Inspiration to all families
  • Providing Support & Education through Prevention
  • Reducing the effects of substance abuse and violence
  • Connecting families, schools & communities
The Sunshine Philosophy
Brightening the future – One family at a time
S  – Safe environment
– Understanding
– Nurturing Social Skills
– Solutions
– HOPE for a Brighter Future
I  – Inspiration
N – Non-judgmental
E – Enrich Creative Expression  & Enhance Self-esteem

The thought that our children were being faced with so many more challenges (Violence, Substance Abuse, Peer Pressures, Divorce, Bullying & Teasing….) was the motivation behind the founding of Sunshine in 1992.

(Co-founders:  Carol Carter, Tamara Pelosi, Patti Kelly/Barker)

Today Sunshine is a respected leader in the field of prevention (substance abuse and violence prevention) and is concerned about the social/emotional needs of all children and families.

Sunshine provides a Family-centered approach to prevention.  All programs are designed to build on healthy social skills each with the focus on specific needs.

Support Groups normalize our struggles, helping us see that we are NOT alone, that others have gone through the same or similar things and that others DO understand.

Today Sunshine Is

  • An Approved Provisional Charter through NYS Education Department and Board of Regents
  • An Education Corporation – not for profit organization
  • An approved Town of Brookhaven Youth Agency
  • An approved Suffolk County Youth Agency
  • A BOCES –  Arts – in – Education Member
  • A New York State Licensed day camp
  • Prevention Professionals(CPP) Recognized through OASAS(NYS Office of Alcohol & Substance)
  • Certified as an OASAS Education and Training Provider